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Travel In Winter

Travel In Winter

Journey through Russia and Mongolia at the heart of winter.


“Lake Baikal was entirely frozen with sections of clear ice and constantly shifting snow coverings – the ice crystals danced in the wind as they move!”

Trains run all year round on the trans-Siberian railway; the Russians are not fazed by cold; snow is common and they are ready for it even before the coming of the winter season (November-March). Besides in Moscow, St Petersburg, Ekaterinburg and Irkutsk everyone looks fabulous in furs and rosy cheeks!

Hotels and trains are extremely well heated and Russian cuisine is designed to warm you up. And there is no need to get stuck indoors. There is dog sledding, ice fishing, sleigh rides and cross-country skiing to keep you entertained. For us travel during this period is magical.

Winter Itineraries