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Off The Rails

Trans-Siberian Railway

Of course it’s about the train – and so it should be. This is an iconic journey and one of the world’s most enticing, engaging and timeless travel experiences.

But the Trans-Siberian Railway is so much more. It’s a journey of discovery, a chance to engage with cultures, become immersed in traditions and be captivated by people whose way of life remains largely untouched and whose warmth and hospitality is the stuff of enduring memories.

And it’s off the train that this magical blend comes to life. Whether you choose to ride with nomads, spend a couple of days in a Mongolian ger camp or get up-close-and-personal with a shaman, we have the knowledge, the expertise and an exceptional team of ground handlers along the route to make it happen.

We can send you trekking (for softies and for the more seasoned), introduce you to freshwater diving in the world’s oldest and deepest lake, take you on a jeep safari into the Bayan Gobi, drive you to the site of the Romanov graves, and show you Russia’s only remaining Gulag camp.

You can ski, ice fish, go dogsledding with huskies and indulge in a Siberian wilderness adventure. You can choose to travel to coincide with Harbin’s spectacular and world-renowned ice festival, and either side of your journey are the landmark cities of Moscow, St Petersburg and Beijing.

One thing you definitely won’t be is bored. The challenge will be deciding which of those individually rewarding and enjoyable activities should make up your Trans-Siberian experience.

Got An Idea?

We are always looking to expand the choice available to our clients at the various stops on route. And we also know our customers are knowledgeable and well-researched. So, if you’ve read of somewhere you’d like to visit or heard of an activity you’d like to try, tell us about it.

If anyone can make it happen, there’s a fair chance we can.


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