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Hong Kong

Trans-Siberian Railway

Hong Kong

A holiday travelling on the legendary Trans-Siberian railway is a journey of discovery and the opportunity of a lifetime. Whichever part of the route you choose to follow you will find new and undreamed of sights, places, people and experiences. Unlike some of the other stops on the line, Hong Kong is famous the world over – it’s an exciting city and one with a lot to offer.

Hong Kong’s world-wide renown hinges mainly on its role as a political football – oscillating between Chinese and British control over the centuries, and currently in a kind of Chinese-oriented limbo. If one can put all that aside, the legacies it creates make it a rewarding destination for travellers – in many ways Hong Kong has managed to get “the best of both cultures” without compromising either, and keeping something which is unique to itself at the same time.

Hong Kong is famous for two activities especially – eating and shopping. Most visitors find they get involved in at least one of these, very often after the other – the order is up to you.

However, it’s quite possible to break-away from the shop-scoff cycle, and head off to do something entirely – for example, visiting Monkey Island.

Hong Kong also represents a major transport hub offering excellent access to both South-East Asian destinations on its doorstep, and most world cities via longhaul flights. As part of a round-the-world flight ticket it can sew together different sectors neatly, and offers the chance to visit a unique city where history is happening under your very feet.

Hong Kong is a city which effortlessly combines East and West and has something for everyone. Including it as a destination on your Trans-Siberian adventure gives you the chance to get to know this unique and exciting city – another excellent reason for choosing a holiday with The Russia Experience.