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Nadaam 2012

Snow Train Via Ekaterinburg


1 Arrive Moscow, transfer to accommodation
2 Moscow winter sightseeing with local expert
3 Day for sightseeing in Moscow, evening transfer to station
4 On board the Trans-Sib via the Urals Mts and arrive Ekaterinburg
5 Four hour walking tour of Ekaterinburg
6 WINTER MIXTURE: choose ice-fishing, snow-walk
or husky-dog sledding!
7 On board the Trans-Sib via Central Siberia
8 On board the Trans-Sib, crossing the Yenisei River
9 On board the Trans-Sib, circumnavigating Lake Baikal
10 On board the Trans-Sib, eastwards across Buryatia
11 Arrival in China to Harbin, hotel accomm opposite station
12 Opportunity to visit the Harbin Ice & Lanterns Festival
13 Free day to explore Harbin, overnight train to Beijing
14 Arrival in Beijing and end of itinerary

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